SQLDBDiff V6.1 for SQL Server Version 2005 to SQL 2022, SQL Azure and SQL on Linux

SQLDBDiff V6.1 Review

SQLDBDiff V6.1 is a powerful and intuitive tool designed for comparing the schema and data of SQL Server databases. This tool supports a wide range of SQL objects including tables, columns, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers, PK and indexes, relationships, and much more. Whether you are working with SQL Server Version 2005, SQL 2022, SQL Azure, or SQL on Linux, SQLDBDiff has got you covered.

Strengths of SQLDBDiff V6.1

One of the key strengths of SQLDBDiff V6.1 is its ability to generate schema synchronization scripts and schema difference reports. This feature is extremely useful for database administrators and developers who need to track changes and ensure consistency across multiple databases.

Another standout feature of SQLDBDiff is its ability to compare multiple databases to the same master database in one step. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual input, making database comparison tasks more efficient.

SQLDBDiff also allows users to compare databases contents, even when tables have different schemas or do not have primary keys. Users can choose between grid mode and text mode for output, with the ability to select columns to be compared, define a maximum number of rows, and add WHERE or ORDER BY clauses.

Who Should Use SQLDBDiff V6.1?

SQLDBDiff V6.1 is ideal for database administrators, developers, and anyone working with SQL Server databases. Whether you are managing a single database or multiple databases, SQLDBDiff can help you easily compare schema and data, generate synchronization scripts, and ensure database consistency.

Additionally, SQLDBDiff is a valuable tool for teams working collaboratively on database projects. By using SQLDBDiff, team members can easily track changes, identify discrepancies, and synchronize databases to maintain data integrity.


Overall, SQLDBDiff V6.1 is a comprehensive and reliable tool for comparing SQL Server databases. With its wide range of supported SQL objects, advanced features, and user-friendly interface, SQLDBDiff is a must-have tool for anyone working with SQL databases. Whether you are a seasoned database professional or a beginner, SQLDBDiff can help streamline your database comparison tasks and ensure database consistency.

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