SQLAPI++ Library Pro Linux/Unix (with sources)

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SQLAPI++ Library Pro Linux/Unix (with sources) Review


SQLAPI++ is a powerful C++ Library designed for accessing multiple SQL databases. It leverages the native APIs of target RDBMS to ensure that applications developed with SQLAPI++ perform optimally. In addition, it offers a low-level interface that enables developers to tap into database-specific functionalities. Acting as middleware, SQLAPI++ encapsulates a vendor’s API, facilitating database portability across different servers.


  • Efficient performance due to native API utilization
  • Low-level interface for accessing database-specific features
  • Database portability across various servers
  • Support for popular databases like Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Interbase, and ODBC

Who Should Use It

SQLAPI++ is ideal for C++ developers working on applications that need to interact with multiple SQL databases. It is suitable for projects where efficient performance, database portability, and access to database-specific features are crucial requirements.

When to Use It

Consider using SQLAPI++ when developing applications that require seamless connectivity with databases such as Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Interbase, or ODBC. Whether you are building enterprise-level software or small-scale applications, SQLAPI++ can streamline database interactions and enhance overall performance.

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