Second Copy 9 – License

Product: Second Copy 9 – License

Second Copy 9 is a powerful file and folder copying software that is perfect for individuals and businesses who need to backup their important data regularly. With the ability to copy files from one location to another on the same drive, a different drive, or even across a network, Second Copy 9 makes it easy to ensure that your files are safe and secure.

– Easy to use setup profile Wizard for quick configuration
– Advanced options including compression, encryption, password protection, and directory synchronization
– Ability to include or exclude specific files from the copy
– Background thread priority control for unobtrusive file copying
– Ideal for periodic backups and file synchronization between devices or remote sites

Who should use it:
– Individuals who want to backup important files and folders on their computers
– Businesses that need to distribute software to multiple PCs on a network
– Anyone who wants a reliable and efficient way to ensure their files are always backed up and secure

When to use it:
– Use Second Copy 9 on a regular basis to automatically copy new or changed files to their designated destination
– Set up profiles for important file locations to ensure that your data is always backed up
– Use Second Copy 9 to synchronize files between your desktop and laptop or between two remote sites

Overall, Second Copy 9 is a versatile and efficient file copying software that is perfect for anyone who needs to backup and synchronize their important data. With its easy setup and advanced options, Second Copy 9 is a valuable tool for ensuring that your files are always safe and secure. Download the free 30-day trial version from our website today and see how Second Copy 9 can help you protect your important files.

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