Screen Item Detector Commercial Registration

Product Review: Screen Item Detector Commercial Registration

Screen Item Detector is a powerful tool that allows users to scan the screen at specified intervals and detect a specified image if it appears on the screen. This feature is especially useful for users who need to monitor their screen for specific images in order to automate certain tasks or trigger alerts.

– Scan and detect an image that appears on the desktop screen
– Supports multi-monitor setups
– Allows users to specify a screen region to monitor
– Fully supports search images with alpha channel
– Offers options to pop-up a dialog, play a notification sound, or send an email when the picture is detected

The commercial registration option is ideal for businesses or individuals who plan to use Screen Item Detector for commercial purposes within a commercial company. This registration mode allows users to make money using the software without any restrictions. Additionally, commercial registered users have the option to request the source code via email (Delphi XE7, Image Recognition Library source code not included) for making custom builds for personal use.

Overall, Screen Item Detector Commercial Registration is a versatile tool that is suitable for a wide range of users, from home users to commercial businesses. Its advanced features and customizable options make it a valuable asset for those looking to automate screen monitoring tasks efficiently.

To learn more about Screen Item Detector and its commercial registration options, visit

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