Reporter Enterprise (de)

Introducing Reporter Enterprise, an Addin for Outlook that simplifies the process of creating reports from task items, appointments, and journal items. With just a few clicks, users can generate detailed reports to help streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

One of the key strengths of Reporter Enterprise is its ability to access all POP and IMAP accounts, as well as primary Exchange mailboxes, public Exchange folders, and shared Exchange folders. This comprehensive access ensures that users have all the necessary information at their fingertips to create accurate and detailed reports.

It is important to note that Reporter Enterprise does not support Outlook 64bit, so users should trial the software before making a purchase to ensure compatibility with their system.

Reporter Enterprise is ideal for professionals who rely on Outlook for managing their tasks, appointments, and journal items. Whether you are a project manager, business executive, or simply looking to improve your organization skills, Reporter Enterprise can help you create comprehensive reports to stay on top of your daily tasks.

In conclusion, Reporter Enterprise is a powerful tool for generating reports within Outlook. Its seamless integration with various email accounts and Exchange folders makes it a valuable asset for professionals looking to streamline their workflow and stay organized. Be sure to trial the software before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your system.

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