Real PDF Server

Real PDF Server is a powerful server-based software that allows users to quickly and easily convert documents to PDF format. Unlike other similar products, Real PDF Server offers high-speed document interception, creating PDF versions of documents on their way to the printer. This virtual print driver software can be easily installed, enabling users to create PDF files with just a click of a button in any application.

One of the main strengths of Real PDF Server is its ability to customize PDF files according to user preferences. Users can choose the page size, orientation, resolution, and whether to embed fonts or not. The software also allows for encryption of documents, setting user permissions, and adding watermarks to documents with specific images. Additionally, Real PDF Server boasts incredibly high conversion speed and quality, producing PDF files that are arguably the smallest in the world.

With features like 128-bit RC4 encryption, TrueType font embedding, color space integration, and the ability to convert PDFs to various image formats, Real PDF Server is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to deploy PDF creation ability across their network. The software also offers options to restrict viewing, printing, editing, or copying of documents, compress PDF files, and remove hidden sensitive data embedded in PDFs.

We recommend Real PDF Server to organizations looking for a high-quality, high-performance PDF creation solution. Whether you need to convert documents to PDF for secure distribution, archiving, or web publishing, Real PDF Server offers the tools and features to meet your needs. Perfect for businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, Real PDF Server is a versatile and reliable software product that can streamline your document management processes.

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