PROMT Professional 12 Englisch-Deutsch

PROMT Professional 12 Englisch-Deutsch Review

PROMT Professional 12 Englisch-Deutsch is a translation software designed for demanding users who work with foreign language documents. It accelerates the processing of foreign correspondence by up to 90% and efficiently supports you in your translation work. With a vast vocabulary of 1,150,000 words, it ensures accurate and correct text translation, even for complex sentence structures. The File Translator feature allows for quick and efficient batch translation of large amounts of files.

Key Features:

  • Offline Translator: Ensures privacy as all translations occur locally on your PC without the need for an internet connection.
  • Specialized Dictionaries: Includes dictionaries for various fields such as Business, Law, Software, Travel, Sports, Automotive, Cinema, Cooking, Music, History, Household Appliances, Private Letters, SMS, Football, Technology, Politics, Art, Religion, Sociology, and Medicine.
  • Adaptable: Allows for user-created dictionaries and sentence archives to tailor translations to complex and specialized texts.
  • Translation Memory: Stores important phrases and word combinations with their correct translations for easy reference.
  • Linguistic Editor: Highlights the segment being worked on for clearer editing, including correction of unknown or ambiguous words.
  • Microsoft Office Plug-Ins: Integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Frontpage, and Outlook while retaining document formatting post-translation.
  • PROMT Agent: Translates selected text from any Windows application with a hotkey, automatically detecting the source language and displaying the translation in a pop-up window.
  • Automatic Dictionary Creation: Import user-generated glossaries into PROMT dictionaries from TXT or Excel files.
  • Reference Dictionary: Additional tool for looking up unfamiliar words at any time.
  • Language Variants: Supports British or American English, High German, or Swiss German.
  • PROMT Backup: Safely stores user settings, templates, translation algorithms, user dictionaries, and databases in an archive.
  • Automatic Email Translation: Translates emails in MS Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 (32 Bit) automatically.
  • Batch Translation: Translates multiple MS Office, PDF, HTML, XML, or RTF files in succession.

Who Should Use PROMT Professional 12 Englisch-Deutsch?

This software is ideal for professionals who frequently work with foreign language documents and require accurate and efficient translations. It is especially beneficial for those in fields such as business, law, technology, medicine, and more, where specialized vocabulary is common.

Overall, PROMT Professional 12 Englisch-Deutsch offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance translation productivity and accuracy, making it a valuable tool for anyone dealing with multilingual content.

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