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Product Review: Photoshop Here [RU]


Photoshop Here [RU] is a video book designed for users of Adobe Photoshop. Each lesson in the book is accompanied by a flash video, allowing video enthusiasts to occasionally glance at the text while watching, and book lovers to cross-reference the reading with the video illustration.


  • Interactive learning experience
  • Dual format (text and video) caters to different learning styles
  • Comprehensive coverage of Adobe Photoshop features
  • Convenient CD format for easy access

Who Should Use It:

Photoshop Here [RU] is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users of Adobe Photoshop who prefer a multimedia approach to learning. Whether you are a visual learner who benefits from video demonstrations or a reader who likes to follow along with text explanations, this product offers the best of both worlds.

When to Use It:

This video book is perfect for self-paced learning at home or in a professional setting. Whether you are looking to enhance your graphic design skills, learn new Photoshop techniques, or simply brush up on your existing knowledge, Photoshop Here [RU] provides a flexible and engaging learning experience.

To receive this product on CD, click the link provided.

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