PDF Data Extractor 3

PDF Data Extractor 3 Review


PDF Data Extractor 3 is a powerful tool designed to extract specific text information from PDF documents. It is especially useful for extracting data such as Account Numbers, Names, and Addresses and exporting this information into an Excel CSV file. The software utilizes horizontal and vertical text position matching, as well as a rules system for conditional matching, to ensure accurate extraction of data.


One of the key strengths of PDF Data Extractor 3 is its ability to handle complex data extraction tasks with ease. The software allows users to define rules for conditional matching, such as extracting data only when certain text is present on the same page. Additionally, the software offers features like merging different fields into one, making it easy to organize and format extracted data.

Who Should Use PDF Data Extractor 3

PDF Data Extractor 3 is ideal for individuals or businesses that regularly deal with PDF documents containing structured data that needs to be extracted and processed. For example, accountants, financial analysts, and data entry professionals can benefit from using this tool to streamline their data extraction processes. Additionally, anyone who needs to convert PDF data into a more accessible format, such as an Excel CSV file, can find PDF Data Extractor 3 to be a valuable tool.


PDF Data Extractor 3 offers a range of features to enhance the data extraction process:

  • Data Extraction: Extract specific text information from PDF documents
  • Command Line Support: Run the software from the command line for automated processing
  • Header Output: Include header information in the CSV output file
  • Page Number Field: Add a page number field to the extracted data for reference
  • Filename Field: Include the filename of the source PDF in the extracted data
  • Batch Processing: Process a list of PDF files in batch mode for efficient extraction

Additional Information

It is important to note that PDF Data Extractor 3 is a stand-alone software and does not require Adobe Acrobat to run. The software comes with evaluation restrictions, including nag screens, a maximum of 50 pages per file, and a limit of 5 files in batch mode. However, all updates to version 3.xx are provided free of charge to users.


In conclusion, PDF Data Extractor 3 is a reliable and efficient tool for extracting specific text information from PDF documents. With its advanced matching capabilities and user-friendly features, the software is well-suited for professionals who need to extract and process data from PDF files on a regular basis. Whether you are looking to extract financial data, customer information, or any other structured data from PDF documents, PDF Data Extractor 3 can help streamline your workflow and improve productivity.

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