OutlookSpy – the Ultimate Outlook Developer Tool

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Product Review: OutlookSpy – the Ultimate Outlook Developer Tool

OutlookSpy is a powerful tool designed for Outlook developers, providing access to a wide range of Outlook Object Model objects and Extended MAPI interfaces. It is integrated directly into Outlook, making it convenient and efficient for developers to work with Outlook data.

Strengths of OutlookSpy:

  • Access to virtually all Outlook Object Model objects
  • Examine values of properties and call functions
  • Browse object hierarchy and monitor Outlook events
  • Support for CDO (Collaboration Data Objects)
  • Access to Extended MAPI interfaces used internally by Outlook
  • Ability to see how Outlook data is stored, browse MAPI hierarchy, and watch Extended MAPI notifications

Who Should Use OutlookSpy:

OutlookSpy is ideal for developers who work extensively with Outlook and need a comprehensive tool to analyze, debug, and optimize their applications. It is also valuable for those who are curious about the inner workings of Outlook and want to explore Extended MAPI interfaces.

When to Use OutlookSpy:

OutlookSpy should be used whenever developers need deep insights into Outlook data, properties, functions, and events. Whether you are troubleshooting issues, optimizing performance, or simply exploring Outlook’s capabilities, OutlookSpy provides the tools you need.

Forget about VB Object Browser or MFCMAPI – OutlookSpy offers a more comprehensive and integrated solution for Outlook developers. Try it out today and enhance your Outlook development experience!

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