Online Desktop Presenter – Corporate (11+ PCs)

Product Review:

Online Desktop Presenter – Corporate (11+ PCs)

The Online Desktop Presenter – Corporate license is a powerful tool for companies looking to easily share their desktop screens with remote users. With the ability to connect to an unlimited number of PCs within the same company, this software allows for seamless presentations, trainings, sales conversations, and more.

– Easy to use: The Online Desktop Presenter is user-friendly and does not require any additional security installations, making it a hassle-free solution for sharing your desktop screen online.
– Versatile: Whether you need to present to one remote user or multiple users, this software can handle it all with ease.
– Customizable: With the ability to transmit your screen content via Internet or Intranet, you can tailor your presentations to suit your specific needs.

Who should use it:
– Sales teams: The Online Desktop Presenter is perfect for sales conversations, allowing you to easily share product demos and presentations with potential clients.
– Training departments: Training sessions can be conducted seamlessly with remote employees, making it easy to share information and resources.
– Marketing teams: Collaborate on projects and share creative ideas with team members located in different locations.

When to use it:
– During virtual meetings: Instead of trying to describe something over the phone, use the Online Desktop Presenter to visually show your remote team what you’re talking about.
– For product demonstrations: Showcase your products to potential clients without the need for them to be physically present.
– For remote training: Train employees located in different offices or even different countries with ease.

Overall, the Online Desktop Presenter – Corporate license is a valuable tool for companies looking to improve communication and collaboration with remote users. Its ease of use, versatility, and customization options make it a must-have for any business looking to streamline their online presentations and meetings.

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