Next Suite v6 – Standard

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Next Suite v6 – Standard


Next Suite v6 – Standard is a comprehensive software development suite that includes full source code, lifetime updates, and free priority support. It is designed to help developers create powerful and customizable user interfaces for their applications.

Components Included

  • NextGrid6
  • NextDBGrid6
  • Next Editors 6 (NxButtonEdit6, NxSpinEdit6, NxDatePicker6…)
  • Next Standard 6 (NxCSVDocument6, NxXMLDocument6, NxToolbar6…)
  • ALL NextSuite v5 components for free


Next Suite v6 – Standard offers a wide range of components that can be easily integrated into various projects. The full source code allows for customization and flexibility, while the lifetime updates ensure that developers always have access to the latest features and improvements. Additionally, the free priority support ensures that any issues or questions can be promptly addressed.

Who Should Use It

Next Suite v6 – Standard is ideal for software developers who are looking to enhance the user interface of their applications. Whether you are working on a small project or a large-scale application, this suite provides the tools and support needed to create professional and visually appealing interfaces.

Overall, Next Suite v6 – Standard is a valuable asset for any developer looking to streamline the development process and create high-quality applications with ease.

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