Network license for 2D Frame Analysis

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Product Review: Network License for 2D Frame Analysis

Strengths of the Product:

The network license for 2D Frame Analysis offers a highly flexible and general finite element method for static analysis of multi-span beams, 2D trusses, and frames. With an unlimited number of nodes and beams, this tool allows for in-depth structural analysis. It supports all major measurement units and various types of boundary conditions, including fixed and rollers. Additionally, the software provides translational and rotational spring supports, initial displacement and speed conditions, and consideration of thermal loads.

When and Who Should Use It:

This product is ideal for structural engineers, architects, and construction professionals who need to analyze and design 2D structures. It is particularly beneficial for those working on projects with complex geometries and loading conditions. Whether you are designing a bridge, a building frame, or a truss system, the network license for 2D Frame Analysis can help you achieve accurate and reliable results.

Pre-Processing Features:

  • Top-quality graphics rendering
  • Full GUI with zoom, pan, grid, and snap options
  • Easy model creation with graphical features
  • Embedded library with major steel section shapes and materials
  • Definition of custom beam sections and materials
  • Quick application of distributed loads and time-dependent loads

Post-Processing Capabilities:

  • Calculation and drawing of deformed shape
  • Analytical view of analysis results, geometry, loads, etc.
  • Drawing of axial-shear force diagrams and bending moment diagrams
  • Internal forces and stress calculation along members
  • High-quality analysis reports exportable to various formats

Overall, the network license for 2D Frame Analysis is a powerful tool for structural analysis and design, offering comprehensive pre-processing and post-processing features. It is suitable for professionals in the construction industry who require accurate and detailed structural analysis for their projects.

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