Net Time Server & Client (Home License)

The NetTime Server & Client (Home License) is a powerful application that allows you to synchronize your PC’s system clock or all PC’s system clocks in your LAN using various time server types commonly available on TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet or LAN. This application supports multiple time protocols, including SNTP (RFC-2030) and Time (RFC-868), making it a versatile tool for ensuring accurate time synchronization across your network.

One of the key strengths of NetTime Server & Client is its ability to work as a time server, allowing you to synchronize any computer’s clock in your LAN to your PC. This is particularly useful for ensuring consistency and accuracy across all devices in your network. Additionally, NetTime can synchronize the system clocks of Windows, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, and other operating systems via the SNTP protocol, providing seamless time synchronization regardless of the platform.

NetTime Server & Client offers manual and periodical operating modes, giving you flexibility in how you manage time synchronization in your network. It can also work in unicast and multicast modes, further enhancing its versatility and ensuring that it can meet the needs of various network configurations. Furthermore, the application can operate as a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 service, allowing for seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure.

Overall, NetTime Server & Client is a reliable and efficient tool for ensuring accurate time synchronization in your network. Whether you are a small business looking to streamline your network operations or a home user seeking to maintain precise time across multiple devices, this application is a valuable asset. With its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive features, and compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, NetTime Server & Client is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize time management in their network.

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