MSSQL and CSV Loader

Product Review: MSSQL and CSV Loader

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient tool to import and export data between various common formats, MSSQL and CSV Loader is the perfect solution for you. With its latest version 3.0, this tool now supports MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, FoxPro, DBF’s MS SQL Server, CSV, and Delimited or Flat Files, making it a versatile option for data transfer.

– User-friendly interface: MSSQL and CSV Loader has a simple yet powerful interface that allows users to easily import and export data between different formats.
– Folder polling: The latest version 3.0 includes a folder polling feature, which automatically loads data from filenames matching specified patterns into tables at specified intervals.
– Support for MS-Access 2007 and MS-SQL Server Express Edition: This tool now supports the latest versions of MS-Access and MS-SQL Server Express Edition, making it compatible with a wide range of databases.
– In-built Scheduler: MSSQL and CSV Loader comes with its own scheduler, allowing users to define the schedule date and time for data transfer sessions, which will be automatically executed in the background.

Who should use it:
– Database administrators: MSSQL and CSV Loader is a must-have tool for database administrators who need to transfer data between different database formats on a regular basis.
– Data analysts: Data analysts can use this tool to import and export data for analysis purposes, saving time and effort in the process.

When to use it:
– When you need to transfer data between different database formats.
– When you want to automate the data transfer process using the in-built scheduler feature.

In conclusion, MSSQL and CSV Loader is a reliable and efficient tool for importing and exporting data between various common formats. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it is a valuable asset for database administrators and data analysts alike.

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