MountFocus Runtime Keyboard (single license)

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MountFocus Runtime Keyboard Review

Product Description:

The MountFocus Runtime Keyboard is a crucial tool for utilizing keyboards designed with the MountFocus Keyboard Designer. This software allows for seamless integration of custom keyboards into your applications through OLE Automation.


  • Easy integration with applications
  • Customizable keyboard designs
  • OLE Automation support
  • Enhanced user experience

Who Should Use It:

The MountFocus Runtime Keyboard is ideal for software developers and designers who want to enhance user experience by implementing custom keyboards in their applications. It is also suitable for businesses looking to streamline data input processes with specialized keyboards.

When to Use:

Use the MountFocus Runtime Keyboard when you need to create a unique and user-friendly input method for your software application. Whether you are developing a touch screen interface, a kiosk system, or a data entry application, this tool can help you tailor the keyboard layout to suit your specific needs.

Overall, the MountFocus Runtime Keyboard is a versatile and powerful solution for integrating custom keyboards into applications, providing a more intuitive and efficient user interface.

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