MailBee SSL/SMIME (Unlimited Computer)

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Product Review: MailBee SSL/SMIME (Unlimited Computer)


MailBee SSL/SMIME is a comprehensive set of objects designed to enhance e-mail security. The SSL object can easily be integrated with core MailBee objects like SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 to ensure secure communication via SSL/TLS mode. On the other hand, the SMIME object empowers developers to sign, encrypt, verify signatures, and decrypt e-mail messages within their applications.


  • Easy integration with core MailBee objects for seamless SSL/TLS communication.
  • Support for custom user certificates and server certificate validation.
  • Ability to communicate over regular ports in STARTTLS mode.
  • Empowers developers to enhance e-mail security through encryption and digital signatures.

Who Should Use It

MailBee SSL/SMIME is ideal for developers and organizations looking to bolster the security of their e-mail communication. It is particularly beneficial for applications that handle sensitive information and require secure transmission of data.

When to Use It

Consider implementing MailBee SSL/SMIME when building applications that involve sending or receiving sensitive e-mail messages. Whether you need to encrypt confidential data or verify the authenticity of incoming messages, this product provides the necessary tools to enhance your e-mail security.

Overall, MailBee SSL/SMIME offers a robust solution for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of e-mail communication within your applications.

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