Live File Backup – Corporate (11+ PCs)

When it comes to protecting your important data, Live File Backup – Corporate is a top choice for businesses with 11 or more PCs. This user-friendly real-time/live backup program ensures that your data is continuously backed up to external storage media, both locally and over the network.

One of the strengths of Live File Backup – Corporate is its ability to restore lost or corrupted data, including older versions (generations). This feature is crucial for businesses that need to access previous versions of files or recover data in the event of a cyber attack or system failure.

This corporate license allows for an unlimited number of PCs/Users within the same company to use the software, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Overall, Live File Backup – Corporate is a reliable and efficient backup solution for businesses that value the security and integrity of their data. Whether you are a small business with 11 PCs or a large corporation with multiple users, this program is a must-have for protecting your important files and documents.

Who should use Live File Backup – Corporate:
– Businesses with 11 or more PCs
– Companies that need real-time/live backup of their data
– Organizations that require continuous data protection and easy data restoration

In conclusion, Live File Backup – Corporate is a powerful backup program that provides peace of mind for businesses looking to safeguard their important data. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this software is a valuable asset for any company looking to protect their digital assets.

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