LAN Employee Monitor 100computers license

LAN Employee Monitor is a powerful tool for monitoring employee performance and managing productivity in the workplace. With the ability to monitor the screens of all employees’ computers in real time, this software provides a comprehensive solution for keeping track of employee activities.

One of the key strengths of LAN Employee Monitor is its stealth monitoring capabilities, allowing employers to discreetly observe employees without their knowledge. This can help to ensure that employees are staying on task and not wasting time on non-work-related activities.

In addition to screen monitoring, LAN Employee Monitor also records keystrokes, logs website visits, and includes a website filter to block access to certain websites. This can be particularly useful for companies that want to restrict employees’ internet usage during work hours.

Furthermore, LAN Employee Monitor allows for remote control of employees’ PCs, making it easy to troubleshoot issues or provide assistance when needed. This can help to improve overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Overall, LAN Employee Monitor is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve employee performance and ensure that company resources are being used effectively. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to increase productivity and maintain a secure work environment.

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