hbTapi Components Enterprise Edition (1-Developer License)

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Product Review: hbTapi Components Enterprise Edition (1-Developer License)


hbTapi Components is a powerful collection of Delphi VCL components that provide object-based access to Microsoft’s Telephony API (TAPI). The Enterprise Edition includes support for multiple phones, lines, calls per line, multiple addresses, and many more advanced features.


One of the key strengths of hbTapi Components is its ease of use. The components are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for developers to integrate telephony functionality into their Delphi applications. Additionally, the Enterprise Edition offers a wide range of features and capabilities, allowing developers to create robust and sophisticated telephony solutions.

Who Should Use It

The hbTapi Components Enterprise Edition is ideal for developers who are working on Delphi applications that require telephony functionality. Whether you are building a call center application, a telephony integration solution, or a communication tool, hbTapi Components can help you streamline development and create a seamless user experience.

When to Use It

Consider using hbTapi Components Enterprise Edition when you need to incorporate telephony features into your Delphi application. Whether you are starting a new project or enhancing an existing one, hbTapi Components can save you time and effort by providing a comprehensive set of tools and components for telephony integration.

Overall, hbTapi Components Enterprise Edition is a valuable resource for developers looking to add telephony functionality to their Delphi applications. With its easy-to-use components and advanced features, this product is a must-have for anyone working on telephony-related projects.

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