HardlinkBackup (Enterprise License)

Introducing HardlinkBackup Enterprise License, a powerful tool for efficient and space-saving backups.

HardlinkBackup reads source directories and compares files with all previous backups. Only the changed files are copied, while the unchanged files are linked with hard links to the files in the existing backups (assuming the target drive supports hard links, such as NTFS formatted drives). This means that a complete copy of the source directories from a specific date is always available on the backup drive, while only taking up the space of one copy plus the changed files.

This feature makes HardlinkBackup ideal for businesses and organizations that need to regularly backup large amounts of data without taking up excessive amounts of storage space. By utilizing hard links, users can easily manage and delete old backup copies when they are no longer needed, simply by deleting the corresponding backup directory.

Overall, HardlinkBackup Enterprise License is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses looking to streamline their backup process and save on storage space. With its advanced hard link technology, it is perfect for IT professionals, system administrators, and anyone who needs to manage backups effectively. Don’t miss out on this innovative tool for your data backup needs.

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