GpsTools Pro ActiveX for Pocket PC (OEM license)

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Product Review: GpsTools Pro ActiveX for Pocket PC (OEM license)


GpsTools Pro ActiveX for Pocket PC is a powerful tool for adding GPS support to your Visual Studio application. With its OEM license, you can integrate GPS functionality seamlessly into your software, enhancing its capabilities and providing users with precise location data.


One of the key strengths of GpsTools Pro ActiveX is its ease of use. The ActiveX controls are well-documented and easy to integrate into your Visual Studio project. The software also offers a wide range of features, including support for various GPS protocols, navigation functions, and mapping capabilities.

Who should use it:

Developers working on applications that require GPS functionality will benefit greatly from GpsTools Pro ActiveX. Whether you are creating a mapping application, a location-based service, or a tracking system, this tool will help you add accurate and reliable GPS support to your software.

When to use it:

GpsTools Pro ActiveX is ideal for projects where location data is essential. Whether you are developing a mobile app, a logistics platform, or a geotagging service, this tool will enhance the user experience and provide valuable location information.

By incorporating GpsTools Pro ActiveX for Pocket PC into your Visual Studio application, you can take advantage of its powerful GPS capabilities and provide users with a seamless and reliable location-based experience.

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