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Getting Introduced To Oil Painting (World Expert Teachings) – Product Review


Are you an oil painting enthusiast looking to dive deeper into the world of oil painting? Look no further! ‘Getting Introduced to Oil Painting’ is here to guide you through the basics of oil painting, its origin, and much more. In this product review, we will explore the key features of this e-book and why it is a must-have for all beginners in oil painting.


‘Getting Introduced to Oil Painting’ is an e-book curated by Rodney Waite, a renowned expert in the field of oil painting. The e-book is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the origin, basics, and techniques of oil painting. It is a perfect introduction for beginners who are looking to explore the art of oil painting.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Details: The e-book contains carefully selected chapters that take you step by step into the world of oil painting. You will be guided by experts who share their knowledge and insights on the art form.
  • Origin of Oil Painting: Learn about the history and evolution of oil painting, from its inception to the techniques used by artists today. Understand the importance of knowing the origin and basics of oil painting to build a strong foundation.
  • Oil Painting Mediums: Get introduced to different oil painting mediums, such as linseed oil, and learn about their benefits and disadvantages. Explore alternative oils as mediums and understand their application in oil painting.
  • Essential Tips: The e-book provides valuable tips for beginners in oil painting, including choosing the right materials, selecting the best painting brush, and deciding on the type of canvas to use.

Bonus Features

In addition to the e-book, customers will receive exciting bonus features with their order, including:

  • MP3 Audio: Enhance your learning experience with an MP3 audio version of the e-book, allowing you to listen to expert tips and advice on the go.
  • 10 Related PLR Articles: Expand your knowledge with ten bonus PLR articles on oil painting, providing additional insights and information on the art form.

Price and Availability

The retail price of ‘Getting Introduced to Oil Painting’ is $27, making it an affordable and valuable investment for beginners in oil painting. Customers can purchase the e-book directly from the website and take advantage of the bonus features included with their order.


In conclusion, ‘Getting Introduced to Oil Painting’ is a must-have for all oil painting enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the art form. With its comprehensive details, expert guidance, and bonus features, this e-book provides a solid foundation for beginners to start their oil painting journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the masters and unlock your potential as an oil painter!

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