Geometrische 3D Objekte

Product Review: Geometrische 3D Objekte


Geometrische 3D Objekte is a software designed as a simple accessory for teaching math. It allows users to represent various 3D objects in a virtual space, making it an excellent tool for educators and students alike.


One of the key strengths of Geometrische 3D Objekte is its interactive nature. Users can adjust parameters such as height, length of sides, inclination, and number of sides for each geometrical object. The program also allows for smooth transitions from a basic net to a fully realized 3D object, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Who Should Use It

Geometrische 3D Objekte is ideal for math teachers looking to make geometry lessons more interactive and visually stimulating. Students who struggle with visualizing 3D objects on paper may also benefit from using this software as a supplemental learning tool.

When to Use It

This software can be used during regular math classes to enhance lessons on geometry. It can also be used for individual study or homework assignments to reinforce concepts learned in class.


Overall, Geometrische 3D Objekte is a powerful tool for teaching and learning about 3D geometry. Its interactive features, smooth animations, and real-time 3D rendering make it a valuable addition to any math classroom.

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