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Product Review: FuzzyDupes:COM

FuzzyDupes:COM allows you to extend your application with a fuzzy duplicate search function. This functionality will increase the worth of your application distinctly and it will be a new exclusive feature against your competitors. Most of your users will benefit from this.

Strengths of FuzzyDupes:COM

  • Processes data in memory
  • Implements intelligent Pattern-Matching procedure
  • Excellent in quality, selectivity, and performance
  • Can process 30,000 addresses in about 20 seconds
  • Acceptable processing time even with 1 million records on a standard PC
  • Considers all possible permutations of string-data
  • Not limited to address data
  • Does not depend on a particular DBMS
  • Delivers data in a Variant-Array format
  • Results are returned in the same form
  • Easy to use with just one function call

Who Should Use FuzzyDupes:COM

FuzzyDupes:COM is ideal for developers looking to implement a fuzzy duplicate search function in their applications. It is suitable for a wide range of industries and can be used by businesses of all sizes. Whether you are working with address data or need to identify duplicates in other types of string-data, FuzzyDupes:COM is a versatile solution.

When to Use FuzzyDupes:COM

If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your application, improve data quality, and provide users with a seamless duplicate search experience, FuzzyDupes:COM is the perfect choice. With its fast processing speed, high-quality matching algorithm, and flexibility in handling different types of data, FuzzyDupes:COM is a valuable tool for any developer.

Overall, FuzzyDupes:COM is a reliable and efficient component that has been developed and optimized over a period of 2 years. It has received excellent references and is trusted by many customers. If you are interested in incorporating a fuzzy duplicate search feature into your application, FuzzyDupes:COM is a top-notch solution that will not disappoint.

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