FaxBoom 16 SIP FAX Line

Introducing the FaxBoom 16 SIP FAX Line – the ultimate solution for sending and receiving faxes over the Betamax SIP network. This fully-functional system allows you to send faxes in real-time over the Internet, making faxing more convenient and efficient than ever before.

One of the key strengths of FaxBoom is its support for “FAX over G711”, which enables faxes to be sent through SIP providers that do not support the t38 protocol. This means that you can send faxes through popular SIP networks such as Voipbuster, Sipdiscount, and Internetcalls with ease. Additionally, FaxBoom also supports the high-quality t38 fax protocol for optimal fax transmission.

FaxBoom is a SIP client with T38 and AUDIO Fax support, eliminating the need for additional fax hardware or software. Whether you are using an IP-SIP-PBX or a SIP-Provider, FaxBoom seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to deliver a hassle-free faxing experience. With FaxBoom, you can receive T38 or AUDIO faxes directly into TIFF or PDF files, without any limitations on the number of incoming fax sessions.

The Fax -> Mail function of FaxBoom allows you to receive faxes as e-mails with PDF or TIFF attachments, making it easy to access and store your faxes digitally. On the other hand, the Mail -> Fax function enables you to send faxes directly from your email program, such as Outlook Express, for added convenience.

Overall, FaxBoom is a versatile and reliable solution for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their fax communication. Whether you need to send faxes over the Internet or receive faxes to your email, FaxBoom has you covered. Say goodbye to traditional fax machines and embrace the future of faxing with FaxBoom 16 SIP FAX Line.

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