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Fast Submit Product Review


Fast Submit is a powerful tool designed for submitting shareware products quickly and efficiently. It offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual form filling capabilities, as well as multithreaded operations for faster submission. With 100% support for standard PAD XML, users can easily update databases of “known” sites and create descriptions for “unknown” sites.


  • Fast and efficient submission process
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual form filling options
  • Support for standard PAD XML
  • Multithreaded operations for quicker submissions
  • Opportunity to update databases of “known” sites
  • Ability to create descriptions for “unknown” sites

Who Should Use It

Fast Submit is ideal for software developers and vendors who want to streamline the process of submitting their shareware products to various sites. It is also suitable for individuals or companies looking to increase the visibility of their products online through submission to software directories and download sites.

When to Use It

Fast Submit should be used whenever there is a need to submit shareware products quickly and efficiently. Whether launching a new product or updating existing ones, this tool can save time and effort by automating the submission process and ensuring that products reach a wider audience.

Overall, Fast Submit is a valuable tool for anyone looking to increase exposure for their shareware products online. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a must-have for software developers and vendors.

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