ExactScan Pro

ExactScan Pro is a top-of-the-line Mac OS X scan software that offers a wide range of features to enhance your scanning experience. With built-in drivers for over 400 document scanners, including popular brands like Canon, Fujitsu, and Xerox, ExactScan Pro allows you to easily scan documents with just a press of a button.

Who should use ExactScan Pro? This software is perfect for individuals and businesses who need to scan a variety of documents, from business cards to receipts. The built-in OCR feature enables you to convert scanned images into editable and searchable documents, making it easy to find and retrieve important information.

One of the strengths of ExactScan Pro is its barcode recognition feature, which automatically recognizes common barcodes during the scan process. This can be extremely useful for organizing and categorizing scanned documents efficiently.

ExactScan Pro also includes advanced image processing algorithms that help optimize the quality of your scanned documents. From intelligent black/white thresholding to auto-crop and de-skew, ExactScan Pro ensures that your scanned images are clear and accurate representations of the original documents.

Additionally, ExactScan Pro’s compatibility with third-party TWAIN applications, such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office, allows you to utilize the software with a wide range of scanners that may not have native Mac drivers. This opens up more possibilities for users to take advantage of ExactScan Pro’s advanced features.

Overall, ExactScan Pro is a versatile and powerful tool that can streamline your scanning workflow and improve productivity. Whether you’re an individual looking to digitize your documents or a business in need of efficient scanning solutions, ExactScan Pro is a reliable choice.

System Requirements:
ExactScan Pro is compatible with Apple Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.11 and supports multiple languages, including English, German, and Chinese.

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