EMS Data Export for Oracle (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance

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Professional Product Review: EMS Data Export for Oracle (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance


EMS Data Export for Oracle (Business) is a powerful tool that allows users to easily export Oracle database data to a variety of popular data formats. With support for 20 different formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML, and ODF, this tool provides flexibility and convenience for businesses looking to extract and analyze their data.


  • Support for 20 popular data formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software applications.
  • User-friendly interface that makes exporting data simple and efficient.
  • Ability to schedule automatic data exports, saving time and effort for users.
  • 1 year maintenance included, providing access to updates and support.

Who Should Use It

EMS Data Export for Oracle is ideal for businesses that rely on Oracle databases for their operations and need a reliable tool for exporting data. Data analysts, database administrators, and IT professionals can all benefit from the ease of use and flexibility of this software. Whether you need to share data with colleagues, import it into another application, or create reports, this tool has you covered.


Overall, EMS Data Export for Oracle (Business) + 1 Year Maintenance is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their data export process. With support for a wide range of formats, user-friendly interface, and included maintenance, this software provides a comprehensive solution for all your data exporting needs.

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