DeltaArea Standard

Product Review: DeltaArea Standard

DeltaArea Standard is a powerful tool designed for commercial area control in agriculture and forestry. This GPS-based software allows users to measure areas, log paths, and fixpoints with ease. It is specifically tailored for professionals who require accurate data collection and mapping in their field of work.

Strengths of DeltaArea Standard:

  • Efficiently measures areas and logs paths with GPS technology
  • Stores unlimited areas, lines, and points in a single enterprise map
  • Integrated with DeltaGIS desktop software for creating EU conform GPS field protocols
  • Easy handling without the need for a stylus, ideal for outdoor use or while driving
  • Thumb-operated essential functions for convenience
  • Automatic GPS receiver detection for seamless operation
  • Horizontal offset adjustment for logged paths and boundaries
  • Customizable coloring of areas for better visualization
  • Excludes points of bad GPS quality for accurate data collection

Who Should Use DeltaArea Standard:

DeltaArea Standard is perfect for professionals in agriculture and forestry who need precise area measurements and logging capabilities. This software is suitable for farmers, land surveyors, forestry workers, and other industry experts who rely on accurate mapping for their operations.

When to Use DeltaArea Standard:

Use DeltaArea Standard whenever you need to measure areas, log paths, and fixpoints in your commercial activities. Whether you are planning land use in agriculture or mapping forest boundaries, DeltaArea Standard is the tool you can trust for accurate and efficient data collection.

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