DBF Commander Professional (Company License)

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DBF Commander Professional (Company License) Review


DBF Commander Professional is a powerful and flexible tool designed for working with DBF files. With a focus on providing unique features and a user-friendly interface, this professional tool offers a wide range of capabilities for managing DBF files efficiently.

Key Features

  • Easy creation, viewing, editing, exporting, and printing of DBF files
  • DBF file structure manipulation and export
  • Conversion of DBF files between Windows and DOS character sets
  • Advanced find and replace functionality
  • Multiple fields sorting and advanced field statistics
  • Support for DBF files with MEMO fields
  • SQL queries execution
  • Conversion of DBF files to ANSI and UTF-8 encoding
  • Import/export data from/to various DBMS
  • Encryption and decryption of DBF files with AES-256 algorithm
  • BLOB fields support for viewing and editing BLOB data
  • Export to SQL file for easy database migration
  • Chart building wizard for creating visual representations of data
  • Command line support for automation
  • Fast print preview report generation

Who Should Use It

DBF Commander Professional is ideal for developers, database administrators, and data analysts who work extensively with DBF files. Its comprehensive features cater to those who require advanced functionality for managing and manipulating data efficiently.

When to Use It

Use DBF Commander Professional when you need a reliable and feature-rich tool for handling DBF files. Whether you are working on data conversion, analysis, or database management tasks, this professional tool can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.


DBF Commander Professional is a top choice for professionals seeking a robust DBF file editor with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. With its unique capabilities and comprehensive functionality, this tool stands out as a valuable asset for anyone working with DBF files.

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