Cucusoft Mpeg/Mov/RMVB/Divx/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD Converter Pro

Cucusoft MPEG/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG Converter Pro Review

Looking for a powerful utility for video file conversion? Look no further than the Cucusoft MPEG/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG Converter Pro. This software offers a wide range of features that make converting your video files a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Convert AVI files to VCD/DVD/SVCD format
  • Support for various formats including DivX AVI, XviD AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4
  • Split function to divide large MPEG files for CD-R burning
  • NTSC/PAL setting option
  • Input/output preview
  • Fill in/proportional options for cropping output video
  • High audio quality
  • Output of *.m2v and *.mpa for DVD authoring
  • Support for no-sound AVI files
  • Optimized performance for Intel Pentium 3 and 4, and AMD Athlon processors

Who Should Use It:

This software is ideal for individuals or businesses looking to convert their video files into DVD, VCD, SVCD, or MPEG formats. Whether you’re a video editor, filmmaker, or simply looking to create your own DVDs, the Cucusoft Converter Pro is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

When to Use It:

Use the Cucusoft Converter Pro whenever you need to convert your video files quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a professional endeavor, this software will help streamline the conversion process and deliver high-quality results.

Overall, the Cucusoft MPEG/AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG Converter Pro is a versatile and reliable tool for all your video conversion needs. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this software is a must-have for anyone looking to convert their video files with ease.

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