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Product Review: Category Manager Professional

Category Manager Professional is a powerful tool designed to help users categorize their Outlook items quickly and efficiently. With the Professional version, users can categorize even IMAP messages locally, making it a versatile solution for organizing emails and other Outlook items.

– Lightning speed categorization: Category Manager Professional allows users to categorize their Outlook items at lightning speed, saving time and improving efficiency.
– IMAP message categorization: Unlike other tools, the Professional version of Category Manager supports categorizing IMAP messages locally, giving users more control over their email organization.
– Import/export functionality: Users can easily import and export their master category list, making it simple to transfer categories between different systems or share them with colleagues.

Who should use it:
Category Manager Professional is ideal for professionals who rely heavily on Outlook for email communication and organization. Whether you’re a busy executive managing a high volume of emails or a project manager coordinating multiple tasks, this tool can help you stay organized and focused.

When to use it:
Consider using Category Manager Professional if you find yourself struggling to keep your Outlook items organized or if you frequently need to categorize emails and other items. This tool can streamline your workflow and help you stay on top of your inbox.

In conclusion, Category Manager Professional is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their Outlook organization. Its lightning speed categorization, support for IMAP messages, and import/export functionality make it a valuable asset for busy professionals. Give it a try today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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