BASS Stream Recorder Library Shareware License

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BASS Stream Recorder Library Shareware License Review

The BASS Stream Recorder Library is a powerful component (.dll) designed for use in Win32 software with BASS. It provides developers with an easy way to add audio recording functionality to their applications, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of projects.

Strengths of BASS Stream Recorder Library

  • Ability to record audio to WAV and WMA formats
  • Support for ACM codecs for audio compression
  • Option to use any command line encoder for real-time encoding (e.g. MP3, Flac)
  • Support for 16 and 32 bit recording
  • Separate left-right recording capabilities
  • Unicode support for internationalization

Who Should Use BASS Stream Recorder Library

Developers working on audio recording applications, streaming services, or any software requiring audio capture functionality can benefit from using the BASS Stream Recorder Library. Whether you are creating a music player, voice recording app, or audio editing software, this library can streamline the process of adding recording capabilities to your project.

When to Use BASS Stream Recorder Library

Consider using the BASS Stream Recorder Library when you need a reliable and versatile solution for audio recording within your Win32 software. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this library offers the features and flexibility needed to implement high-quality audio recording functionality.

For more information about the BASS Stream Recorder Library and to explore its full capabilities, visit the official website at

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