As Simple As Photoshop (CS4, CS5, Win)

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Product Review: As Simple As Photoshop (CS4, CS5, Win)


As Simple As Photoshop is a video-book designed for Photoshop users who want to enhance their skills quickly and efficiently. With 135 full-sound movie clips totaling 4 hours of running time, this tutorial guide takes a hands-on approach to teaching Photoshop techniques.


The strength of As Simple As Photoshop lies in its comprehensive approach to learning. By combining visual, auditory, and reading methods, users can absorb information in a way that suits their learning style best. The step-by-step tutorials make complex Photoshop techniques easy to understand and implement.

Who Should Use It:

As Simple As Photoshop is perfect for beginners who are just starting to explore the capabilities of Photoshop CS4 and CS5. It is also beneficial for intermediate users who want to enhance their skills and learn new techniques. Whether you prefer reading, watching, or listening, this video-book caters to all learning preferences.

When to Use It:

Use As Simple As Photoshop whenever you want to improve your Photoshop skills. Whether you have spare time during the day or want to dedicate a few hours on the weekend to learning, this video-book can be used at your convenience. You can follow along with the tutorials at your own pace, pausing and rewinding as needed.

Overall, As Simple As Photoshop is a valuable resource for individuals looking to master Photoshop CS4 and CS5. Its user-friendly format and comprehensive tutorials make it a must-have for anyone wanting to enhance their Photoshop skills.

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