Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Review

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is a professional DVD backup software designed specifically for Mac users. This powerful tool offers the best way to backup DVDs, including protected DVDs, on Mac OS X. With Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac, users can easily create high-quality backups of their favorite DVDs.

Strengths of Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac

One of the main strengths of Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is its ability to backup DVDs in a 1:1 ratio. This means that users can backup DVD9 to DVD5, DVD5 to DVD5, and DVD9 to DVD9 with ease. Additionally, users have the option to backup DVD movies to VIDEO_TS, ISO Image, or DVD Player Media, as well as directly backup DVDs to new blank DVDs on Mac OS X.

Some key features of Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac include:

  1. Fully support for Snow Leopard
  2. Ability to copy protected DVDs
  3. Backup DVDs to a new DVD disc on Mac
  4. Backup DVDs to VIDEO_TS Folder, ISO Image, or dvdmedia on Mac
  5. Backup DVD9 to DVD5 on Mac
  6. Support for external drivers and hard disks
  7. Easy operation and user-friendly design
  8. Three different copy options for backing up DVDs on Mac
  9. Subtitles and sound track selecting function

Who Should Use Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is ideal for anyone who wants to create backups of their DVD collection on their Mac computer. Whether you have a large collection of DVDs that you want to protect or you simply want to have a backup copy of your favorite movies, this software is a great choice. Additionally, Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is perfect for users who have DVDs with copy protection that they need to backup.

Overall, Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is a reliable and user-friendly DVD backup software that provides Mac users with an easy way to backup their DVDs. With its high-quality backups and versatile backup options, this software is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their DVD collection.

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