ADO.Net DAC for Delphi

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ADO.Net DAC for Delphi Product Review


ADO.Net DAC for Delphi is a robust database connectivity solution that leverages ADO.Net technology in Delphi. It offers fast and reliable data access to various databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, VistaDB, and more through ADO.Net data provider framework.


  • High performance: ADO.Net DAC for Delphi is known for its exceptional speed and efficiency in data retrieval and manipulation.
  • Wide database support: It allows connectivity to popular databases like SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, and more, making it versatile for different project requirements.
  • Flexible architecture: The components provided enable developers to choose between client-side or server-side cursors, providing flexibility in application development.
  • Virtual Table components: These components offer the ability to manage data locally or from XML without an active connection, enhancing data handling capabilities.

Who Should Use It

ADO.Net DAC for Delphi is ideal for developers working on data-driven applications that require seamless connectivity to various databases. It is suitable for enterprise-level projects that demand high performance and reliability in data access.

When to Use It

Developers should consider using ADO.Net DAC for Delphi when they need efficient access to data sources like SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, and more within their Delphi projects. It is particularly beneficial for applications that deal with large volumes of data and require quick data retrieval and processing.


ADO.Net DAC for Delphi is a top choice for developers seeking a powerful and versatile data access solution for Delphi projects. With its high performance, wide database support, and flexible architecture, it caters to the needs of enterprise-level applications that rely on efficient data handling.

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