Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is a game-changer for users who work with multiple monitors and want to enhance their productivity and workflow. This comprehensive solution improves the functionality of Windows® user interface, making it easier to manage windows and applications across multiple screens.

One of the key strengths of Actual Multiple Monitors is its Multi-monitor Taskbar feature. This powerful yet easy-to-use tool emulates the original Windows® Taskbar on secondary displays, allowing users to manage windows in their usual manner. Whether you prefer individual Taskbars for each monitor or a mirrored Taskbar displaying all tasks across all monitors, this feature provides flexibility and convenience.

In addition to the Multi-monitor Taskbar, Actual Multiple Monitors offers enhanced window management capabilities. Users can easily move applications between monitors with the click of a button or a simple hotkey shortcut. The program also allows for easy window spanning across all screens, maximizing screen real estate and improving multitasking efficiency.

Moreover, Actual Multiple Monitors includes features like Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper and Screen Saver, which allow users to customize the look and feel of their desktop across multiple monitors. The ability to set up Desktop Profiles for favorite apps and emulate Aero Snap mode from Windows 7 further enhance the user experience.

Overall, Actual Multiple Monitors is a valuable tool for professionals, designers, developers, and anyone who works with multiple monitors on a daily basis. It streamlines window management, improves workflow efficiency, and enhances the overall user experience. If you want to take your multi-monitor setup to the next level, give Actual Multiple Monitors a try today.

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