2D Barcode VCL Components (Site license)

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Product Review: 2D Barcode VCL Components (Site license)


The 2D Barcode VCL components is a powerful set of components that allow developers to generate and print barcode symbols within Delphi or C++ Builder applications. These components can be easily integrated into existing projects, extending them with advanced 2-dimensional barcode technology.

Key Features:

  • Support for popular matrix and stacked 2-dimensional barcode symbologies
  • Includes support for PDF417, QR Code, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, and more
  • Database functionality supported
  • Compatible with QuickReport, FastReport, ReportBuilder, ACE Reporter
  • Royalty-free deployment for applications using the components set
  • Support for all modern Delphi and C++ Builder versions

Who Should Use It:

The 2D Barcode VCL components are ideal for developers working on Delphi or C++ Builder applications that require advanced barcode generation capabilities. This product is suitable for a wide range of industries including retail, logistics, healthcare, and more.

When to Use It:

Developers should consider using the 2D Barcode VCL components when they need to implement 2-dimensional barcode technology within their applications. Whether it’s for inventory management, asset tracking, or document processing, these components offer a reliable and efficient solution for generating and printing barcode symbols.

Overall, the 2D Barcode VCL components provide a comprehensive set of tools for integrating advanced barcode technology into Delphi or C++ Builder applications. With support for a wide range of symbologies and compatibility with popular reporting tools, this product is a valuable asset for developers looking to enhance their applications with barcode functionality.

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